Pursue possibility of “KAKISHIBU” with single eye

“KAKISHIBU” is the best for environmental commitment.
100% natural
Green product!

“KAKISHIBU” is ferment and maturing squeezed juice of greenness sour persimmon that supporting daily life for people as painting, dying, preservation, rainproof and medicine for minor sickness since the year one. Our “KAKISHIBU” power like traditional Japanese material is getting more popular now among the people who are looking for green products. 。


Odor-free “KAKISHIBU” is strongly recommended


If you think “KAKISHIBU” has special kind of evil smell, you should try odor-free our products which are high quality and steady. Actually major component of “KAKISHIBU” is tannin of persimmons which originally odor-free but the evil smell comes from butyric acid produced fermentation process. So we developed our product clearing off impure substance such as organic acid from “KAKISHIBU” and succeeded to make odor-free products are as bellow; 「柿智穂」 “KAKICHIHO” concentrate