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Water Repellency


Water proof Hemp fiber originated from the idea of wanting to protect the fiber from water or other liquid substances and at the same time protecting things that are wrapped inside the fiber from moisture. However, it also had to be natural, so we took the Hemp fiber and coat with capsules of four herbs. These four herbs include Bitter bush, Sweet flag, clove and cinnamon. This will protect the fiber from water up to a certain level.


Fire Protection


After much research and development, we have come up with a new natural innovation, which is a way to create fire proof Hemp fibers. It can withstand up to 140°C of heat and this innovation can also protect fire from spreading as well. This is because once the fiber catches fire, it will immediately extinguish by itself. This innovation will enable us to conduct everyday activities, such as making wallpaper or cloth to cover tables, without having to worry about a fire starting.


Anti Fungal, Bacteria, Dust


Hemps that are planted as organic will have protection against bacteria, fungus, and dust mites. Research and development shows that we can make textiles that are made from hemp fibers to have this natural attribute and the textile will have this amazing attribute with it forever.


Temperature Control


Textile that are made from other natural fibers has only 30%-50% protection from ultra violet rays. Whereas, natural Hemp fiber has a protection of up to 95% from ultra violet rays. This is why Hemp fibers can protect from high temperature, in other words, it can help decrease the temperature by up to 5?C. It can even protect from low or cold temperatures because it can also help increase the temperature by 5°C in cold conditions.  


Micro Capsule


The innovation of micro capsule is an innovation that uses Nano technology. If a Nano capsule that has a smell or scent is placed into the Hemp fiber, it will emit a pleasant aroma once there is any movement or contact with the Nano capsules. This attribute lastly for about 5-10 years. At the moment, the natural fragrance that we produce are eucalyptus, green tea, and rose.  




Textile that is made from hemp fiber, when compared with other textile, has the ability to greatly ventilate air. It can also ventilate odors, heat, and moisture. From the research, if you put something that has a smell into a bag that is made from hemp fiber for a while, the smell will disappear once you take it out of the bag. The original odor will instead be replaced with the smell of hemps. Furthermore, if hemp fiber comes in contact with any liquid substance, the hemp fiber can ventilate the moisture right away.